Throwing a Mystery Party Guests Won’t Soon Forget

Putting together a mystery party is an exciting and interactive way to spend the evening with friends and loved ones. This type of party gets everyone involved and working together to try and figure out “who ‘dun it!” before the evening ends. It also gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal together. The most important aspect of throwing a mystery party is coming up with a riveting theme that interests your guests as a whole on a variety of levels.

You’ll find that the theme options available to you are virtually limitless. You can go country, bring Bonnie and Clyde back to life, or see what vampires are really made of. The idea is to come up with some-thing out of the ordinary, something that you and your guests wouldn’t typically experience in the “real world”. Find out more about how you can create a memorable evening for your guests without a lot of headache or complication.

Planning Your Dinner Menu

Planning Your Dinner Menu

Planning your dinner menu is an important aspect of your mystery party because you’ll have to put together several courses in order to satisfy everyone’s expectations, and you’ll want to make sure that the food matches the theme. Get some fun ideas for ways you can bring your dinner menu to life so that your guests’ taste buds are tickled each time a new course is served throughout the night.

Planning the Invitations

Planning the Invitations

Planning guest invitations for your mystery party early is essential, because everyone should receive them weeks before the actual event is scheduled to take place. This will ensure that potential guests have time to RSVP and get together all of the things that they’ll need to bring with them in order to make the party come to life. Get clued in on everything you’ll need to include in your guest invitations when it comes time to plan them.

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